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Chronology of Events

Mike Shambaugh, a surveyor with the Hawaii Speleological Survey, informs Harry Shick that he has an entrance to Kazumura Cave on his lot.
The Shicks start Kazumura Cave Tours to share the cave with the public.
Neighborhood children enter Kazumura through the Shick entrance and break up formations in one area. This prompts the Shicks to gate their entrance.
The guide at Kazumura Cave Tours becomes an expert on lava tube geology, and the cave tours evolve into an educational experience.
A new neighbor moves in and a small amount of damage is noticed in the cave. Upon realizing that the vandal is following the tours into the cave, it is decided that the gate should be kept locked during the tours.
The amount of damage to the cave steadily increases. By the end of 2012 it is clear that the cave needs protection. Signs stating Hawaii's cave laws and the mandatory fines are placed by other entrances in the area. It is also decided that a preserve must be set up.
Kazumura Cave Tours begins collecting a mandatory donation to protect the cave.
The Kazumura Cave Preserve website is setup and the first letters sent out.
The Kazumura Cave Preserve makes its first land purchase. The purchase protects approximately 400 feet from development.

On May 18 of this year, a man posing as a French Canadian spiritualist and calling himself "Jean Sabatian Baptist", takes a tour with four others. After being cautioned to be especially careful of a rare and delicate formation, he deliberately breaks it and removes it from the cave. The incident was reported to the state athorities. The outcome is pending.

Nickolas K. Carson
A.K.A. Jean Sabatian Baptist    A.K.A. ???
Camera shy accomplice.
If you have any information about the illicit activities these individuals, please contact us at

Photos taken with different cameras.

The Preserve's Goal

Protect Kazumura Cave, In Its Entirety, For Future Generations.

To achieve this goal the land above the cave must be protected. The best way to do this is to enlist the cooperation of the land owners by sharing information about the cave's location, importance, and potential hazards. Even people with no interest in the environment will care about the added expense of destroying a cave roof.

In addition to protecting the land above the cave, the public must be educated about caves. Through education, it becomes possible to really appreciate a pristine cave environment and want to protect it.

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